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Project: Anthropology

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Collection managers at one of California’s oldest anthropology museums have depended on their partnership with Ycology for many years, stewarding collections at the “Smithsonian of the West” into the 21st century.  From its historical museum facility in San Diego’s legendary Balboa Park and leadership position within the anthropology community, the Museum seeks to foster research and best practices in collections care.  Saddled with improperly designed, poorly planned storage areas, this lab is on track towards full function by taking advantage of challenging opportunities in the Museum’s lower level vaults.

In collaboration with curators, product designers, finish chemists, and other experts, Ycology brings experience and control to our clients.  Reliable, simple, and easy to maintain system designs are keys to positive project outcomes.  We select from a variety of resources to build the best team for your project.  We aren’t bound by exclusive brand contracts or sales quotas. Ycology’s role advocates for the client and ensures a positive project outcome.


If you’re considering a collections storage project, call us to learn more or to schedule a tour of one of our past projects.  Meantime, here’s a helpful resource to get the brainstorming phase started:

Museum thought starter file