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YCOLOGY | Sustainable Storage Systems™ is a company comprised of experienced (including LEED® Accredited) professionals working in true partnership within a flat management structure. Without a traditional hierarchy to constrain us, our team members are empowered to make a positive impact at each stage of our client’s experience.

Our team leader, Joe Gerber, is a former director of the USGBC San Diego’s Steering Committee and chair of its Marketing Committee, and held other key volunteer roles such as Chair of SurfAid International’s annual Paddle for Humanity event and board director of the Encinitas Educational Foundation.  We’ve volunteered over 4,900 hours with various causes – more than a year of services.

While practicing our own brand of “karma capitalism”, members of our team have successfully participated in over 1000 projects, and we’re proud of every performance.

Whether you’re looking for a more responsible way of outfitting an office, to create an inspirational professional environment for your team, or to bypass traditional shortsighted design processes, our ideas will make your office work for you.

The science of storage – how does it work?

We help our clients select, design, shop for, and implement the planet’s most efficient storage systems.  Our expertise in simple, efficient storage space planning can significantly increase your office space return on investment, reducing the ever-increasing need for financially and environmentally costly additional square footage. By virtue of this strategy alone, we can help save up to 10% of new construction costs while striving towards sustainable building targets such as LEED® certification.

Positive impacts are significant for any organization: place more revenue producers, reduce energy bills and carbon footprint, improve indoor air quality for staff, add storage capacity, sublet the space recaptured, the list goes on… Morale typically improves as well, as staff can more efficiently respond to internal and external customer service requests, regardless of industry.

Our strategies ‘work’ for a variety of reasons. The solutions we develop actively ‘work’ within a space, and we focus on commercial environments (where many of us spend the majority of our indoor lives and are responsible for much of our environmental exposure).

We focus on sustainable storage solutions. Because storage is typically the single most overlooked aspect of workspace planning, there always exists a strong opportunity to gain through efficient alternatives, wherever you are in your process. For example, during the design development phase, we can partner with your chosen office furniture provider to incorporate design elements seamlessly, integrating your entire office into a cohesive machine.  At the structural analysis phase, we can advise your engineering team on how to most effectively prepare the structure for cost-efficient storage.  Our work doesn’t stop at space planning.  We ensure your project will add value to your operations, not subtract from it.

Our capabilities include:
space efficiency planning
structural analysis with licensed structural engineers and experts in seismic compliance
workflow planning
information and records management with certified records managers (CRM)
productivity improvement
regulatory compliance assistance
industrial and interior design, including specialty environments and compliance (i.e., class 10,000, etc)

Recruit top talent more effectively by showing your commitment to smart design, responsibility,and sustainability.

Contact us to learn more: emailus@ycology.com or 760-420-2257.

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