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20130502_141540Impact.  We’re all trying to impact our world in one way or another, perhaps it’s to reduce our impact on the earth, or to increase our impact on the bottom line.

Achieve both goals in the same project by aiming for efficiency.  If too dense, access is compromised and productivity suffers.  If wasteful, your space plan just bleeds money every day (including weekends).

You can make a significant and positive impact on your office’s environmental footprint – and save money at the same time. You might already know storage  requires a lot of space and discussion in your office.  Improve morale, productivity, customer service, and reduce workplace stress – reducing sick/PTO time.  Efficiency actually makes people smile!

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) estimates that up to 25% of typical work space is dedicated to storage, making it a critical component of any responsibly-designed building.

In the U.S., our buildings combine to consume a lion’s share of our planet’s resources, including:

  • More than US$21.6b in energy costs, which add $2.04+ per ft2 to the average national cost of space
  • Over 75% of our overall energy supply
  • More than 65% of building materials, much of which must be transported using energy-intensive methods
If you’re responsible for the building you’re officed in, our designers will
develop a value-oriented approach to reduce the square footage
requirement for storage.  Our high efficiency storage systems, designed
and built with sustainability in mind, provide a multitude of benefits.
As each project is unique, we offer a partial list of benefits:
  • Significantly smaller office footprint
    • up to 10% reduction of building materials and engineering required for new construction
    • reduced energy requirements = ongoing cost savings
  • Slowing the required pace of new construction
    • Reduces site disturbances and maintains natural habitats
  • Allows more efficient space planning
    • Increased densities
    • Lower lease rates
    • Longer lease terms
  • Increased open space improves community air quality
  • Savings realized by reducing material use can be reinvested:
    • higher quality materials
    • innovative design
    • healthy building initiatives
  • Ycology | Sustainable Storage Systems™ conform to the highest standards:
    • Recycled content
    • Low/zero power requirements
    • Rapidly renewable, reclaimed, or recycled wood + fiber products
    • Zero VOC adhesives and finishes
    • All systems are engineered to minimize material use while maximizing user safety and IAQ
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